Real Food and Real Impact

Good from the Start

Environmental and social sustainability are core values at Field + Farmer, which is why we took the extra step to become a B-Corp right from the start. A B-Corp is a business that believes that sustainability is just as important as profit. As part of our B-Corp promise, we committed to make a positive impact on our team members, our community, and our environment.

We are committed to workplace diversity of all kinds, providing superior health benefits to all, and ongoing professional development opportunities. We invest in our local communities, sourcing from local farmers and suppliers and donating 1% of annual revenue to support small family farms. We run a zero-food-waste facility, seek out produce “seconds” as ingredients, and create plant-based products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2018 Impact Stats


million lbs of produce purchased (+45.8% in 2018)


% of sales donated to farmer training


million $ paid for produce (+44.4% in 2018)


# of times a day someone had a Field + Farmer product


% of produce purchased local to our facility


tons of food waste composted (100% of our waste)


% of workforce that are women


million lbs of ugly produce purchased (+280.6% in 2018)